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IOS & Android App

Live machine data direct to your smart phone. Perfect for Supervisors, Plant Managers and Senior Management.


The designers and developers at OnePoint have worked in partnership with some of our existing customers to develop a smart phone app that allows you to monitor your machines remotely. Our new app displays key machine statistics such as Status, Run Speed, Planned Run Speed and more.

The app is an independent solution and does not need the use of any other OnePoint solution such as Office, Factory Floor or Capture. Data is sent directly to a database in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Live machine tracking via your smart phone

Keeping track of your manufacturing machines is sometimes challenging even when you’re in the office, never mind when you’re away from the office.

With OnePoint’s Pulse app, your are now able to monitor your machinery from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. View current job information, who is operating the machine, why is the machine not running and more.

If a machine isn’t running, you’re not making money!

What Hardware Is Required?

The app has been developed with flexibility in mind. Providing you can feed our database with the data (machine status, run speed etc) we can turn that data into powerful user-friendly information using various visual illustrations and gauges.

OnePoint have developed the app using industry standard OPC technology. This solution has been successfully installed on a large number of envelope manufacturing machines. This solution is simple to install into the existing PLC units and has a user interface accessible via an ethernet port.

If you are already benefiting from our other solutions, all we need is network access to the OPC device and one signal cable reading the run speed from your machine; OnePoint do the rest.

Return On Investment

This is a self-explanatory product and the ROI is very simple.

Using a scenario we identified with one of our partners, we were able to show and highlight machines that were shutting down earlier than senior management authorised.

If your average machine hourly rate is £100/hour and you have 15 machines within your facility, it is basic math to calculate how much you would be losing if each machine shut down 1 hour early every week. We identified that by implementing our app and sensors you could increase production by 15 hours each week! That’s £1,500. Multiply that up over 12 months and the figure is closer to £78,000 that you could potentially be losing without even knowing it.

In addition to the above, this solution allows managers to react faster to breakdowns, troubleshooting and more. Managers at home or on the road can view event duration’s and make enquires to the production staff when normally they wouldn’t even know the machine was having problems.


  • A Universal Solution

  • Live Machine Data Direct To Your Smartphone

  • View Current Job Information

  • Select ‘Favorite’ Machines

  • View Machine Performance History

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