Our Implementation
Process Is Simple

Implementing any new system is a big undertaking. We have a simple
implementation plan that ensures there is minimal disruption

Envelope Design - 1000

Our method

Our implementation plan has several phases to ensure a successful software install. The key stages are:

Stage 1:

Understanding any irregularities in the way you operate. We understand every envelope manufacturer has different processes. A discussion takes place in the early stages of the project to learn your business processes. In the event we need to carry out any custom development work, this gives us ample time to design and develop.

Stage 2:

Provide server specification. The specification depends on factors such as the number of users, budget, and how many locations you have. OnePoint’s technical personnel will provide the details for you to place the order. Whilst the server is on order, OnePoint will create an ISO file ready for your server arriving on site.

Stage 3:

Data. We have files ready to send to any new customer ready for them to populate. The populated file is then sent back to us so we verify and load the data into a BETA database. Our team can guide you through this process and often we can populate some of the data on your behalf. This phase depends on how your team can extract (and cleanse) the data out of your legacy software system

Stage 4:

Training. OnePoint offer unlimited online customer training (before and after go-live). Our trainers will provide a training schedule for each department and/or key user. The plan is then reviewed with key personnel to ensure minimal business disruption. In the event users become unavailable, we reschedule or create an extra slot for 1-2-1 training.

Stage 5:

Release your BETA database. By now your server should have arrived and be configured. We release a database allowing users to experiment and practice with the software. Any experiments carried out on this database will not copy over when you go-live. There is no need to worry about contaminating your database with demo data.

Stage 6:

Go live. We only go live when both parties are ready. Online training is usually increased for any last minute questions. We also arrange for extra support to be available during your go-live period. On-site presence is also available to all our customers for this period.  


Group of people around table

Implementation Team

Get to know our implementation team

At the beginning of the project we will introduce you to our core implementation team. The team have many years experience. implementing software solutions into envelope manufacturing plants. The team will help you with the project from start to finish, communicating with you on a regular basis. 

Stephen Mallam - Managing Director

Stephen is our Managing Director. Stephen carries out the demos and works with you during the on-boarding process. Stephen works with Tom to ensure we achieve key milestones. Stephen continues to have regular communication with our customers and attends the EMA.

Tom Moorhead - Implementations Manager

Tom has been part of the OnePoint team for over 10 years and has installed our solutions across the UK & USA. Tom arranges all training sessions and works with you throughout the implementation

Dave McGuire - Job Grader & Manufacturing Expert

Dave is the founder of OnePoint. Dave owned his own envelope manufacturing plant in the UK. Anything production or manufacturing related he is our/your go-to person.

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