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CAPTURE takes the manual timesheet tracking process away from the production floor. Using electronic timesheet entry solutions, real time information is captured at the click of a button.

Designed With Our Customers

Our solutions are developed in partnership with our customers. Eliminate the delay and analyse your production quicker and easier.

Simple Timesheet Entry

There is nothing more simple. Using buttons such as Start and Stop to track production events.

Simple Reporting

One screen with enormous power. View critical production data at a glance or drill-down to home-in on that one specific thing. 

Simple API's

If you’re already using an ERP system to plan your production jobs, why not pull that information into CAPTURE using an API.

Simple Dashboards

Whether you want to see your entire factory as an overview or you want to see the event history on a specific machine, our simple dashboards have it all. 

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Downtime Analytics

Track how much money downtime is costing you. Could you be increasing your profits by reducing your downtime?

Good Production Analytics

Did your shift run as well as you expected? Compare estimated production volume vs actual volume. 

Setup Analytics

Did setting up a job take longer than expected? If so, why? Drill-down on a job-by-job basis to analyse in more granular detail.

Job Analytics

How did the job run? Was it better or worse than expected? What lessons are to be learnt both good and bad?

Integrated Messaging

Send messages direct to the production floor. Send messages to individuals or groups.

Fantastic Overviews

It’s more than just looking at data and spreadsheets. Our overview screens show everything you need at a glance. 

Event History

Want to know more about events throughout a shift? Simply click on any machine to see its history and production sign-off.

Fresh Dashboards

View key information at a glance and drill-down using your own criteria. Find that perfect job or find the problematic downtime events. 

How It Works

Our three core solutions are made up of Electronic Timesheet Entry, Live Machine Statistics and our Smartphone app.

Electronic Timesheet Entry

Our core system. Operators can track production events as and when they’re happening.

Live Machine Statistics

Using sensors and IO Logic devices we can track machine statistics such as live run speeds and more.

Smartphone App

View machine information and run speeds from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

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